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The pick of the best movies sites online today
The Movies Net Top 20 brings you the pick of the most popular and highest-rating sites for movies on the Net today. It gives you access to the world's best movies sites, all from a single page. features the latest movie news, reviews, trailers and a wide variety of general movie information.
One outstanding feature of is the detail that their movie search provides, especially when it comes to reviews. Reviews are probably the most sought-after movie information on the Web today and those provided by this site come from a cross-section of the leading movie press, so you get a relatively unbiased viewpoint including both the best and worst reviews.'s real strength, though, is the fact that it is a good single-stop, all-round movie information site. Not only do they give a good depth of reviews, but they also give you access to a broad depth of movie information. And this applies for previous as well as current releases. Most notable movies released to date can be searched and researched. A valuable resource for the movie lover. provides the latest news, reviews, trailers and information on current and new releases with a distinctive Hollywood flavor.
This site gives the visitor a real insight on what's happening in the world of Hollywood movies today.
For the movie lover in a hurry, they also provide movie times and tickets when you enter your city or zip code for a current movie.

The Lycos video site provides reviews and trailers, along with slide shows of the latest movies.
They keep an updated "top ten movies at the box office" and give quick access comprehensive info on all the current top releases.

The top 20 movies sites listed here represent the pick of the best and most popular movies sites online. Each one has a different approach to what is quite a broad subject, the subject of movies. For that reason it could be worthwhile browsing through the top 20 to find the one which suits your interest closest.

If you like this page, with quick links to the best sites in this category, you may also want to have a look at the other Net Top 20 directory listings which link you to the best on the Net in most popular categories.

And they are all at the one easy-to-remember address:
Movies dot
3 Video from Lycos
Lycos Video
Rotten Tomatoes
Yahoo Movies
MSN Movies
USA Today Movies
10  Moviefone
11 Variety
12 Entertainment Tonight
13 New York Times Movies
14 IGN
15 Movie Showtimes Google
16 Movie News and Discussion from Reddit
17 Event Cinemas Now Showing
18 Guardian Unlimited Film
20  Dark Horizons
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